Lassen National Forest opens Zone V for woodcutting

Lassen National Forest announced that Zone V on the Eagle Lake Ranger District is open for woodcutting as of May 26. Personal wood permits remain $10 per cord, with a minimum purchase of two cords per permit. Multiple permits are available for up to a 10-cord limit for Personal use permits on the LNF.

LNF Personal Use Permits are not valid on the Plumas National Forest.

You can purchase Fuelwood Cutting Permits by mailing in the permit form. The form is available for download at

Applications for a personal permit with instructions are at the front entrance of the District Office. It takes about seven business days before you receive your permit.

The Eagle Lake District Office is located at 477-050 Eagle Lake Road near the intersection of Highway 36 and County Road A-1, three miles west of Susanville.

Office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Woodcutters should call LNF’s 24-hour number, 257-4188, for information on any current restrictions, call 257-9553.

The Forest Service is reminding drivers that, although we have had a below typical precipitation year, road conditions may remain saturated and soft in many areas creating conditions where vehicles can quickly become stuck.

“It is essential that the fuelwood cutters stay on roads and trails, as traveling cross-country with motor vehicles and to scout for wood is prohibited,” said LNF Acting Forest Supervisor Mandi Musachia.

“We encourage drivers who venture onto the LNF to exercise sound judgment and be cautious when navigating forest roads. In certain instances, neglecting to do so could put drivers at risk of being liable and cited by law enforcement for user-created resource damage.”

Woodcutters can leave a forest road to gather firewood with a valid wood permit only if this activity does not harm natural resources. Woodcutting is not allowed in timber sale areas or other commercial operations marked with “No Woodcutting” signs. Trees marked with paint outside of posted areas may not be cut or removed, including those on the ground, except for downed lodgepole pine.

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