Lassen National Forest prepares for recreation site, campground openings

The Lassen National Forest will begin opening recreation sites and campgrounds across the Forest on Wednesday, April 21. Several developed recreation and group sites will remain closed for the season.
Some developed campgrounds on the LNF accept reservations, with many sites available on a first-come, first-served basis. To serve a recreation site, go to Because our group sites are closed for the 2021 season, reservations for group sites will not be accepted.

“Because safety is one of our highest priorities, we ask that our visitors recreate responsibly,” said Chris O’Brien, Acting Forest Supervisor, LNF. “We are looking forward to seeing our recreation sites enjoyed by the people from the communities we serve.”

If you are planning to visit the LNF, please remember to:
• Be a good steward and recreate responsibly.
• Avoid crowded areas to maintain social distancing and limit group size.
• Park only in designated areas. Do not impede emergency access by blocking roadways, fire lanes, or driveways.
• Follow “Leave No Trace” principles, including “pack it in, pack it out” with your trash, to avoid creating a public health hazard for forest visitors and employees.
• Follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance on protecting yourself and others from COVID-19.
• Always drown fires out and make sure they are cold to the touch before leaving the area or going to bed.

Almanor Ranger District

• All Trailheads and Trails (Open)
• Alder Campground (Opens April 23)
• Almanor Boat Launch (Opens May 21)
• Almanor North Campground (Opens May 21)
• Almanor Picnic (Opens May 21)
• Almanor Group Campground (Closed for the season)
• Almanor South Campground (Opens May 21)
• Battle Creek Campground (Opens May 21)
• Black Rock Campground (Opens May 21)
• Brokenshire Picnic (Opens May 21)
• Butte Meadows Campground (Opens May 21)
• Canyon Dam Boat Launch (Open)
• Cherry Hill Campground (Opens May 21)
• Domingo Springs Campground (Opens May 21)
• Dump Station (Opens April 30)
• Dyer View Day Use (Open)
• Echo Lake Campground (Opens May 21)
• Elam Campground (April 23)
• Elam Picnic (Opens April 23)
• Gurnsey Campground (Closed for the season)
• Gurnsey Group Campground (Closed for the season)
• High Bridge Campground (Opens May 21)
• Hole in the Ground Campground (Opens May 21)
• Jonesville Snowmobile (Open)
• Legacy Campground (Opens April 30)
• McCarthy Point Lookout (Opens June 10)
• Morgan Summit Snowmobile (Open)
• Potato Patch Campground (Opens April 23)
• Rocky Knoll Campground (Opens May 21)
• Silver Beach (Opens May 21)
• Silver Boat launch Opens (May 21)
• Silver Bowl Campground (Opens May 21)
• Soldier Meadows Campground (Opens May 21)
• Warner Creek Campground (Opens May 21)
• Willow Lake Campground (Opens May 21)

Eagle Lake Ranger District

• All Trailheads and Trails (Open)
• Aspen Grove Campground (Opens May 15)
• Bogard Campground (Opens May 28)
• Christie Campground (Opens May 15)
• Crater Lake Campground (Opens May 28 or as road conditions allow)
• Eagle Campground (Opens May 15)
• Goumaz Campground (Opens May 28)
• Merrill Campground (Opens May 15)
• Roxie Peconum Campground (Opens May 28)

Some Day Use Sites may not be accessible due to poor road conditions.

Hat Creek Ranger District

• All Day Use sites (Opens April 21)
• All Trailheads and Trails (Open)
• Big Pine Campground (Opens April 23)
• Bridge Campground (currently closed. It will only open if they secure a Camp Host.)
• Bridge Picnic (Opens April 21)
• Cave Campground (Opens April 23)
• Dusty Campground (PG&E Operated TBD)
• Hat Creek Campground (Opens April 23)
• Hat Creek Group Campground (Closed for the season)
• Hat Creek Rim Overlook (Opens April 21)
• Honn Campground (Opens May 26)
• Panoramic Point (Opens April 21)
• Rocky Campground (Opens May 26)
• Subway Cave (Opens April 21