Lassen News takes a brief vacation

A message to our readers and advertisers — we’re taking a few days off to go to Boston.

My wife Cindie and her son Tyson have arranged a great birthday trip for me this year. My oldest son Crispan also will join us. It should be loads of fun and happy times.

We’re going to Boston to see a few baseball games at Fenway Park, the oldest baseball park in Major League Baseball, opened way back in 1912.

I’ve been to Fenway before, and it’s always a special place for me to visit. I can tell you the first time I climbed up a ramp from the concourse and got my first look at the field, it took my breath away. No kidding. There’s something magical about that proprietary Fenway green. One of my favorite sounds in baseball is a flyball thudding off the Monster in left field.

The Ted Williams stature outside Fenway Park.

One can only imagine all the greats of the game who have played on this little piece of hallowed ground. I mean, Babe Ruth himself won World Series games from this very mound at Fenway before he became the great home run legend with the damn New York Yankees.

And Boston — the city itself — is home to so many sites from the American Revolution and beyond. It’s an incredible place, that’s for sure. We’ll be staying on a houseboat in the harbor, not too far from where the patriots tossed crates of King George’s highly taxed tea overboard. Old Ironsides is docked right around the corner. The Old North Church, Beacon Hill, Bunker Hill, Flagstaff Hill, the Trinity Church, the JFK Library. The list goes on and on.

I’m taking my laptop with me, so I’ll post some updates and share this little birthday vacation with all of you.

Go Sox!