Lassen Rural Bus celebrates 40th birthday

Lassen Rural Bus is celebrating its 40th birthday today, Tuesday, March 23!

Here’s some history from the 1984 Regional Transportation Plan of Lassen County:

“Lassen County, in October 1978, applied for a capital grant from the Urban Mass Transit Administration *UMTA) Section 3 Program to purchase two buses.

Lassen Rural Bus celebrates its 40th birthday on March 23. The picture shows LRB’s first route (green line) from 1982. Graphic submitted

Shortly thereafter, the Section 3 Program of the 1976 Highway Act was abolished and Section 18 of the 1978 Surface Transportation Act was instituted. The county then revised its application to conform with Section 18 requirements and resubmitted.

In order to speed the implementation of a public transit system, the Regional Transportation Planning Agency, on March 28, 1980, approved the purchase of a bus by the county utilizing a combination of local transportation and State transit funds.

An 18-passnger bus began operating within the county on March 23, 1981. Administered by the Council on Aging, the new service was joined to an 11-passnger van which served primarily senior citizens. Increased emphasis was placed on serving the need of the general public.”

“We hope that we can celebrate with all of our riders later this year without any distance boundaries because such birthdays should come with hugs,” read a Tuesday post from Lassen Rural Bus.