LCC discusses possibility of meal plan for students living on campus

At the Lassen Community College Board of Trustees Tuesday, Dec. 13 meeting, President and Superintendent Dr. Marlon Hall, said the administration and student body were discussing the possibility of implementing a meal plan for students who live on campus.

“Nationwide, community college students are unsure about where their next meal will come from and unsure about where they will live and sleep,” said Hall.

Hall said that a new study has found that approximately a third of community college students experience the threat of homelessness and housing instability. He added that 12 percent face threats of hunger.

Hall said that most college students face challenges throughout the academic year.

These findings are among the insights promoted in a new report that is helping create this awareness.

“Many colleges, like Lassen Community College, are setting up food pantries, clothing closets and connecting students with community housing organizations,” said Hall.

Hall said that one recommendation is to reduce the costs of attending college, which would allow students to redirect the money they have towards food and housing.

“One strategy for reducing costs include employing open education resources that are free and readily accessible for learning, contracting with transportation agencies to reduce the cost of commuting and making vouchers available for campus eateries or bookstores,” said Hall.

Hall said the strategy would also include having emergency funding available for students who experience food or housing insecurities.

Hall said it could also provide financial counseling and literacy that learns about students needs and connects them to community resources that can help meet those needs.

Hall said San Diego Mesa, Napa Valley and Canada College are making strides in the area of housing and food insecurities.