LCC releases news for alumni, the community

Lassen Community College shares this information with alumni and the community.

Lassen College Graduation
On May 24, Lassen Community College celebrated its 2024 graduating class. Like last year, graduates gathered for the ceremony on the brick plaza in the center of campus. We are incredibly proud of this year’s class.

One hundred seventy-six students have earned degrees or certificates that allow them to enter the workforce or move on to further their education elsewhere. Lassen College President/Superintendent Carie Camacho shared that among the graduates, 52 were first generation college students, 30 had children under 18 in their household, seven were graduating along with a relative. And one student was a fifth generation Lassen College graduate. Each student worked hard to overcome obstacles and achieve goals and dreams. We are proud of being a part of their stories.

Forestry Degree
Forest management is vital to Northern California, so we are proud to announce that Lassen College will be starting a Forestry Management degree in Fall of 2024. This program will be useful for anyone interested in protecting and managing our forests, preventing wildfires, or simply those who want a career in the great outdoors.

The degree is a two-year program focused on skills needed to be immediately employed in a variety of forestry careers. Students will explore ecological system through hands-on study of basic land navigation, forest health, wildland firefighting, and more.

Forestry was one of the earliest and most popular majors at LCC and it is exciting to have it back on campus.

For many years, Forestry was a popular major here at LCC.

Students loved competing in the annual Paul Bunyan Day which was held at various locations through the years, from Eagle Lake to right here on campus. Every year, students would be awarded Paul or Paulina Bunyan awards for overall points scored in log chopping, double bucking, pole climbing, axe throwing, and log burling.

The day would end with the Loggers Brawl, which was a dance and award night.

Partnering to train our firefighters
As fires continue to rage across the West, training firefighters has never been more important. While our LCC Fire Technology Program provides training through our Cal Fire academies, we do not currently have the resources to hold the required Fire Control 3A Live Fire Class.

Additionally, we cannot issue the required testing needed to attain a State Fire Training Fire Fighter 1 certificate. Lassen’s Fire Technology Program has begun to think outside the box to make sure that our students are equipped for their future careers, and ensure local fire fighters have access to needed training.

In a successful example of ongoing resilience and innovation, this training is becoming possible through a developing collaboration with Shasta Community College.

During the spring semester, Shasta College held a Fire Control 3A Live Fire class for our students and local fire fighters at their fire training grounds. Participants learned the basics of fire dynamics, structural fire behavior, structural fire attack tactics, and were provided the opportunity to demonstrate skills in locating, controlling, and extinguishing interior structure fires.

LCC was able to support the participation of our students through the Rising Scholars Grant and PG&E Funds.

LCC’s Fire Technology faculty, including Chief Monte Keady, not only trained our current

LCC Cal Fire Academy students who attended; they also transported and even voluntarily camped out with the students to help ensure their success. Special mention goes out to LCC Fire Director Dan Weaver, Captain Matthew Claiborne, ISAC, Anna Pasqua, and all of our partners for facilitating this experience to expand and enhance the training opportunities for our students and local area fire fighters.

The Lassen College Foundation chose 14 outstanding local students to award with a 2024 Scholarship. These students will each be given $1,000 to help with their expenses while attending LCC. In addition, the Foundation has a Dow Endowment which provides scholarship money every year for students in the field of agriculture. This year, local businesses such as Les Schwab and Bob Raschein also partnered with the Foundation to provide scholarships for students in the automotive or industrial trades departments.

We are proud to be a part of making students® educational dreams come true and of helping build Northeastern California’s future.

Days of Yore
Two large boxes of Lassen College yearbooks were recently discovered in a forgotten corner of campus. The oldest yearbooks date back to 1926. Each book is a treasure and a look at days gone by.

With the 100th anniversary of Lassen College coming up next year, the campus is planning to host several celebratory events. During that time, the yearbooks will be available for anyone to enjoy.

In the meantime, join the Lassen College Foundation and Alumni Association Facebook page to see a weekly “Throwback Thursday” feature.