LCC trustee race goes to special election

An error discovered on the ballot for the Lassen Community College District Board of Trustees, Area 1 on the Tuesday, Nov. 6 election actually will have an impact on the timing of the vote.

“After consultations with the California Secretary of State’s office, Lassen County Counsel and reviewing the California Elections Code, it is clear that continuing the election for this race would produce illegal results,” Lassen County Clerk-Recorder Julie Bustamante announced in the most recent statement. “Therefore, I must declare that due to the error, this race must be re-conducted. Votes cast for this race in the Nov. 6 General Election ballot will not be tallied.”

On the ballot, instructions for this race read vote for no more than three when they should have read for voters to vote for no more than two.

Previously, Bustamante said the error would not affect the results, saying the top two candidates would be declared winners.

“I did hear from the Secretary of State’s Office, and after consulting with them and County Counsel, it’s clear … that the race cannot go forward. So that race is being suppressed,” Bustamante told the Lassen County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, Oct. 23. “There will be a special election coming to make up for that race.”

A date has yet to be set for the special election. Bustamante said she would be working with the college on a date for the election. The board of trustee terms expire on the first Friday in December.

According to Lassen County Counsel Bob Burns, there are certain prescribed dates an election may occur, Burns added it may be completed before the terms are up.

Four candidates running for the Lassen Community College District Board of Trustees, Area 1 race: Bobby James Hubbard, Sophia Wages, Melanie Westbrook and Allen Siemer.

The remainder of the Nov. 6 ballot will be counted as normal.