LCTC and Caltrans rollout draft active transportation plans

If you’d like to see more safe walking and bicycling routes in and around Susanville, this announcement is for you.  Save the dates and plan to attend to share your feedback.

The Lassen County Transportation Commission and Caltrans District 2 will present their draft “Active Transportation Plans” at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 30 in Westwood Depot Visitor Center and at 4:30 p.m. Thrusday, March 31 at the Susanville Railroad Depot.

These two plans will be finalized by June 2022 and drive future investments in pedestrian and bicycle facilities in Lassen County for the next several years.  ATP routes are not the same as recreation trails.  ATP routes help people safety walk or bike to schools, businesses, medical centers, shopping areas or recreation destinations in town, etc.  ATP improvements can include sidewalks and paved paths, bike lanes, street crossings, and signs.

Caltrans’ District 2 draft ATP for the State highways in Lassen County is currently open for public review from March 8 to April 8 at:

If there are areas in Lassen County where pedestrian and bicycle access is non-existent or deficient or downright scary, come with a map of those locations.  ATP funding can fix them, but first we need to know where they are.