Lee Arthur Hall

Lee Arthur Hall

December 9th, 1968 – April 21st, 2023

Although Lee’s journey came to an early and abrupt end. After a valiant fight with cancer. The life he lived was full of adventure, humor, and dedicated love for his family and the ever-growing circle of friends he made along the way. If you had told me the day, I met Lee that I’d eventually be tasked with memorializing him, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Just like I wouldn’t believe a guy like Lee even existed.

Because he couldn’t be described in words. You simply had to meet him.

Lee was born December 9th, 1968, to Lee & Larie Hall in Sonoma County, California. There, he would develop a life-long love for the outdoors and fixing things. After graduating from high school in Rancho Cotate and spending his next years working in various different fields. He would take a particular interest in office machinery. He became a whiz in all thing’s copiers, fax machines, and printers. On a couple of separate occasions, turning his knowledge into a successful servicing business in relation to them. All the while, continuing to give in to his love for adventure. Over time, he would grow particularly fond of the small coastal town of Crescent City, Ca. Where he would buy a home and re-locate to in 2001. He loved what the area had to offer with its many beaches, trails, rivers & lakes. Chances are, if you wanted to make summer plans with Lee. Those plans were going to include fishing, hiking & exploration, random dips in the most secluded bodies of water he could find, and shooting various firearms. He knew enough to carry his weight as a drive-way auto mechanic. Later in life he took great interest in gardening and raising small animals with his children. He was wise on many topics and often a source for interesting information which you couldn’t find elsewhere. The type of guy that liked to fall asleep in the woods listening to talk radio conspiracists talk about UFO’s. The bizarre stuff that only hits the airwaves after 10pm. No topic or hobby was more intriguing to him than firearms. He was a knowledgeable collector and loved attending gun shows, making trades, and ALWAYS advocating for safe gun ownership & usage. They were not toys to him and there wasn’t a style or model he didn’t know everything about. He also loved thrifting and was notoriously cheap (but in the funny way). In 2005, he showed up at my place unannounced. In the back of his ugly brown camping van was a dishwasher that he purchased at a roadside flea market. To this day, I am not even sure he was on his way to see me. I think he just saw that dishwasher and knew from his last visit that I needed one. Whilst installing it in my apartment, he needed a few things like hosing and clamps. Rather than go to the hardware store a couple of blocks away where I am sure they sell the very kit needed for $15 or so. He went out to his van, and fashioned his own “kit” to finish the install. Upon moving out years later. I removed and disposed of it. I wasn’t going to leave the apartment with a dishwasher installed with random pieces of garden hose and zip ties.

There are countless hilarious stories to tell about my friend. Like the time in 2002 when he decided to ride his mountain bike from Santa Rosa to Crescent City.

But the most incredible part of his story and the part he’d want shared above anything else, was his family. In 2003, Lee was hired by California Department of Corrections and took a post in Susanville, Ca. He would remain with CDC until he retired in 2021. Over the years, he would make several trips back to Crescent City and always considering it a partial home.

It was in 2006 when everything changed. Lee met and married the absolute love of his life Natalya. She and her two children (Valentyn & Liza) would join his adventure and never look back. After the addition of Alexander in 2007 and Daniella in 2015. His family was complete and he would spend the rest of his unfortunately short time enjoying every minute of them as he could. Lee went NOWHERE without his family (including Iron Maiden, Ozzy, or Megadeth concerts) Trading one ancient camping van after another. They would journey all over the western states and in most recent years, go see the Dakota’s together. There wasn’t a campground, lake, mountain range, or small-town thrift store (or Junk Stores as Lee referred to them) that he wouldn’t find and explore. With friends stationed everywhere he’d visit. He and his family would often pop in town un-announced in the middle of your dinner. Usually bringing with him a big bag of oysters or several steaks to feast on together. Lee loved to socialize. He had a bizarre sense of humor that would often leave unsuspecting newcomers puzzled. Lee was the type of friend you had to explain to people once they met him. He had no filter and several favorite four-letter words. But he always delivered his rants free of malice and rooted in humor. He laughed at the things in life that should be laughed at. He abhorred the things that should be abhorred. That’s why he always kept his family so close. The Lee that I met in 2001 was cynical and mostly miserable internally. He was funny and easy to get along with. But his tough exterior didn’t take much to see right through. He lacked family. Maybe he didn’t know it then, but I could see a much happier person filled with a lot more joy with the addition of a family. I remember the first time he told me about Natalya. This tough foul mouthed friend of mine was all of the sudden using words like “smitten” and “infatuation”. The cynicism became a distant memory and he dove straight in to a life of love and dedication to her and the kids.

He is survived by his beautiful bride Natalya Hall. Sons Valentyn Cheharovskyy (28) (wife Keasha) and Alexander Hall (15). Daughters Liza Cheharovska (23) (husband Edgar) and Daniella “Smiley” Hall (8). Two grandchildren Kirabella and Oliver (Valentyn). His mother W. Larie Hall. Brother Rod Harmon and Sister Terry Johnson and nephews John and Steven Johnson. Along with the many families that have adopted him and made him part of their lives and of course, many close friends that he valued immensely.

Lee was preceded in death by his father, Lee C. Hall.

Unfortunately, one of the best moments I shared with my dear friend took place during the phone call in which he first told me of his illness. As we both cried and prayed together. He expressed his love for his family and said “That wife of mine, man…I did good with that one”. Lee knew he had little time left and it would best be used cherishing the love that Natalya brought into his life. He continued to make sure he expressed that love every time we spoke over the coming weeks.

His new favorite four letter word was LOVE.

It has been a whirlwind of emotions and at times hard to accept that he’s truly gone. Even in writing this and talking about him in the past tense feels less than natural. But life doesn’t go on forever and we aren’t promised our next breath. I am just grateful that in all the madness of life. God saw fit to drop Lee into my path. As that cynical, un-filtered, notoriously frugal friend of mine…Became a beacon of optimism, joy, and generosity that taught me good habits and practices that I still use today. Lee showed me that good people exist in every form and some of them certainly cannot be explained.

You just had to meet this one. He was one of a kind.

The family invites you to celebrate Lee’s life beginning at 12pm on Friday May 5th, 2023 at Walton’s Sierra Chapel 875 W Second Street in Reno, Nevada. He will be laid to rest at Mountain View Cemetery with a small graveside ceremony. Afterward the family invites those who want to join for a reception to gather at Asuka Hot Pot (Lee’s favorite) located at 2010 Oddie Blvd in Sparks, Nevada. Please feel encouraged to share your memorable stories, highlights, and jokes as we celebrate and say our goodbyes to one of the greats.

Rest in paradise my friend. I love you too.