Legislation assisting disabled veterans signed into law

California Senator Kelly Seyarto announced SB 82, establishing universal document standards for determining eligibility for the Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption, has been signed into law.

Currently, it is up to county assessors which types of documents they accept from the Veterans Administration as proof of eligibility for the exemption. This bill sets a universal standard and allows both electronic documents and original paper copies to be used for the qualifying process.

Veterans who have suffered injuries in their service and are rated as totally disabled by the VA qualify for a property tax exemption, and the current process has caused confusion and acted as a barrier to Veterans accessing this benefit.

“This bill idea was brought to me by a disabled veteran, and I am happy to be able to introduce this simple fix to remove some of the hurdles our Veterans face when collecting their hard-earned benefits,” said Seyarto. “Cutting through bureaucratic red tape and helping our Veterans is a victory for our communities and the whole state of California.”