Legislative report transparency bill signed into law

Senator Kelly Seyarto announces the governor has signed SB 259 into law, requiring state agencies to post all reports submitted to the legislature on their website for easy access for the public.

Under current law, only reports that are required by statute to be submitted to the legislature must follow this procedure, but reports that are submitted by request, for example by a lawmaker or committee staff, do not have the same requirement.

Reports submitted by request often guide and assist legislators in their decision-making process and should be accessible to the general public as well.

“The public should be able to view and read the same materials that legislators have available when making decisions and weighing impacts of legislation on our communities,” Senator Seyarto said. “This bill removes the inconsistency to public access and promotes accountability and transparency throughout the legislative process without undue burdens on agencies that submit important reports.”

Before being signed into law, SB 259 passed through the Senate and Assembly with no opposition and bipartisan support.