Let’s face it — we’re all in this mess together

We employees at the Lassen County Times are just like you — completely swept away by these life-changing times. Sure, we’re trying to hang on, but we’re all swept away into those dark, murky waters of uncertainty.

We’re not alone. You’re just like us. And we’re all in this mess together. Now it’s up to all of us to do our part to stop the spread of this deadly disease.

Right now our biggest and best weapon is social distancing — staying away from other people. Some websites have reported Lassen County residents have earned a D or and F in that regard.

But let’s be clear and not be confused — it’s not just the sickies we need to avoid. It’s everyone. For some who become infected, the coronavirus is no big deal. Their symptoms are mild. In fact, some people (a story suggested as many as 50 percent) can be carriers of the disease and not even know it because they have no symptoms at all. You might be sick and spreading the disease for several days before you even know you’re ill.

There’s one heartbreaking story where a family member brought the virus to a family function, infected other family members and shortly several of them died.

Scary stuff. The good news — one website reported 2.8 billion people around the world are on lock down and taking this coronavirus thing seriously. The bad news is some people are not.

Here’s the really disturbing part. There is no way for us to determine who’s carrying and spreading the disease. No way at all. There aren’t enough test kits to test everyone, and here in Lassen County they’re only testing folks who fit some pretty strict and narrow guidelines. Regardless of what you hear, everyone cannot be tested yet.

Sadly, we as a community are paying a huge price for social distancing. It has left a large dent in the economy. Restaurants where we used to linger over breakfast, lunch or dinner now offer take-out. The gym where we used to work out is closed. The bar where we used to stop for a nightcap just isn’t open anymore.

That means many of our friends and neighbors are completely out of work. Those who earned tips probably have it the hardest. The newspaper’s employees also have been laid off as the paper suspends publication, but our website, lassennews.com will be maintained and will continue to provide up-to-date information.

Don’t forget, Plumas County, our nextdoor neighbor, reported its first three confirmed Coronavirus cases last week. We can be pretty sure Lassen County’s first confirmed case will come shortly.

The best way for all of us to stop this deadly virus is to practice social distancing. Stay away from other people, especially those who are sick.

And we should not forget to cover our mouths and noses when we cough or sneeze, wash our hands frequently, use hand sanitizers and wipes whenever we can. Now the experts advise we wear masks when we venture out in public.

If we take this threat seriously and we all work together, we can reduce the impact coronavirus has in our community. It’s a simple numbers game. The fewer of us who catch the virus, the fewer of us may die. We encourage each of you to do your part.

If we may be bold enough to speak on behalf of everyone in Lassen County, thank you for doing your part and caring enough to save the lives of our families, our friends and our neighbors. We look forward to serving our community on the other side of this COVID-19 crisis. Stay healthy.