Letter to the Editor – Build strong communities

As a retired Siskiyou County teacher and as someone who values all people and helping them have a better life; I will be voting for three outstanding leaders Nov. 3.

Important to me is that each has pledged “no” to receiving corporate donations, in direct contrast to their opponents in each race.  I have personally met two of these candidates.

These leaders include Audrey Denney for Congress, Elizabeth Betancourt for State Assembly, and Pamela Swartz for State Senate.  All three are proven hard-working community leaders in our district with exceptional qualifications, education, and experience.

Here’s what I have learned:

Audrey Denny is an experienced farmer, professor of agriculture and dedicated volunteer for the North State and beyond.  Elizabeth Betancourt’s experience includes working as a water quality expert, farmer, and dedicated volunteer, with years of advocating for health and fairness at state legislature. Pamela Swartz holds a degree in forestry and has years of successful small business experience and volunteerism.

These candidates all support transparent communication of facts and data-based solutions to the pandemic, forest health to reduce fire risk, affordable health care, protecting Social Security and Medicare, water for residents, veterans, robust and sustainable job creation and so much more.

Find out more here: Audreyforcongress.com, Betancourtforassembly.com, Pamelaforstatesenate.com

Vote with me for leaders who are honest, have proven they care for all people, and will work hard to build strong resilient communities.

Sandy Sullivan

Mt. Shasta