Letter to the Editor – Did Plumas National Forest do its job fighting the fire?

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors — looking into and wanting information regarding the North Fire Complex and the possibility of the Plumas National Forest not doing its job and/or handling it properly — should maybe talk with some of the logging outfits that were working on and in the areas of Diamond Mountain.

From what talk/rumor has been, did they have the fire contained and did they advise Plumas County Fire Dispatch of such and ask for fire crews to respond?

Also numerous people listening to scanners supposedly heard and listened to conversations by officials regarding the fire and when fire personal would respond.

Is there a way the Lassen County Board of Supervisors can obtain the fire dispatch records and maybe even ask for people to offer their direct information on what they heard or even saw when this fire first started, and maybe the lack of proper handling by Plumas National Forest, thus allowing the fire to get completely out of hand and burn so many areas and property?

Just my thought to maybe get to the bottom of the matter and hold anyone who failed to do their job correctly responsible.

Bill Kauffman

Lake Forest