Letter to the Editor – Do you want to open a dialog?

I enjoyed reading Sam Williams’ It’s My Turn on the Lassen County Times website. What I liked most was his mention of an open mind.

I am new to Susanville and find myself in the (classic) center right these days. I am not a Trump fan. But I am a fan of things he’s done.

I did not vote for Trump, Clinton, or Biden for my own reasons, but I am fascinated by this election, the amount of data and other evidence that, in my humble opinion, builds a case that there was enough going on in the election to question our entire system.

I have been mistaken for being a conspiracy theorist, right wing nut job, Trumpster, and so on wherever I have asked questions about the information I am reading online. Specifically information from the Data Integrity Group, the Navarro Reports and those who are looking at hard numbers and/or those questioning the constitutionality of what some of the States did to voter laws prior to the election.

I am hoping to open a dialog with someone(s) who will also take a look and review what is out there and possibly discuss it in the future. I do not know if this is something with which you are interested but I wanted to write and ask.

If you’re interested in this discussion, give me a call at (775) 815-7535.

Jay Lesseig

Eagle Lake