Letter to the Editor – Don’t forget those in nursing homes

Don’t forget those in nursing homes

My name is Lynne Hooker, previously Lynne Pezzi. My family and I lived in Lassen County for 25 years. My grandparents arrived there during the depression and my extended family members are still there. I now live in Texas.

I have a very special lady friend living at Lassen nursing home I keep in touch with — more like a family member, Lois Towell. She will be 93 years old Aug. 14.  I call her and send her letters and cards often. She tells me these are the things that keep her spirits up and bring her joy as well as occasional visits “through the glass” from her daughter and two great grandsons. No touching or hugs.

I cannot imagine the loneliness these people feel. I recently saw this great idea on Facebook (facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2670471119885545&id=1784007848531881)!  I hope this idea may catch on for the nursing homes and shut-ins in Lassen County also. These people could really benefit from just a little note or card saying someone is thinking of them or maybe send some reading material.

Who knows, maybe even visit in person after the virus calms down.  I will share this letter with the nursing homes in your area. Maybe together, this idea will catch on and give these elderly parents, grands and friends some real joy and hope. Thank you.

Lynne Hooker

Sandia, Texas