Letter to the Editor — Doug LaMalfa: Where is your mask, respect for new president?

Doug LaMalfa: Where is your mask, respect for new president?

Having watched you on two television programs in this past week as you rejected use of a protective mask, it became apparent that you had no concern for the health and safety of your congressional colleagues just as you demonstrate very limited concern for a significant portion of the people you purport to represent.

We are equally concerned that by showing no respect for the actual election of Joseph Biden, soon to be president, you strengthened the position of those who seek to overthrow our constitution — those who are actually trying to overturn and, in fact, to “steal” an election won by President-elect Biden by over seven million votes and an Electoral College vote of more than 300 members (well above the 270 election requirement) – a 57 percent majority which is very similar to your election result in a very Republican segment of northeastern California. The difference is that President-elect Biden’s vote differential represents the belief of Americans across this country.

Further, it is perplexing to understand how it is that you do not question the outcome of the November elections that resulted in your own victory as well as an increase in the number of Republicans in the House of Representatives yet doubt the outcome of the same November election that declared that the Democrats won the White House.

It is past time for you to acknowledge the election of and therefore the presidency of President Joseph Biden.

We await your action and your response.

Marshall and Helen Leve