Letter to the Editor – LaMalfa denies climate change while thousands of homes burn

In case you haven’t noticed, wildfires are getting bigger, stronger and more frequent. Droughts, floods, fires and hurricanes keep getting worse and worse every year. Recently, climate change scientists warned that if drastic action isn’t taken within the next 10 years, global warming caused weather disasters will be with us forever.

Ninety-seven percent of the world’s scientists agree that the major cause of increased fires is global warming.

Our congressman Doug LaMalfa still doesn’t want to believe them. He is a climate change denier.

At a 2017 Town Hall meeting, a year before the historic Camp Fire destroyed 11,000 homes, Congressman LaMalfa said he “didn’t buy” the claim that climate change is man-made.

“I think there’s a lot of bad science behind what people are calling global warming,” he said.

LaMalfa’s Democratic opponent Audrey Denney said, “Our district, filled with natural beauty … is being poisoned by corruption and lobbyist money.”

She is for getting money out of politics.

She says she knows man-made global warming is very real. She will not take money and deny it.

Charlie Benner

Grass Valley