Letter to the editor – Plant-based foods are not as safe as some say

    Don’t want to get into a back and forth debate with Mr. Cross in Taylorsville over his letters always putting down meat products and his comments in the last letter Re: Slaughterhouse closures driving people to plant based foods.

   Plant-based foods are not any safer than the meat, fish or fowl foods that the majority of people eat. In fact everyday notices, cautions and recalls are made on plant-based foods that are spreading e coli and salmonella more often than the others.

    If a person chooses to eat plant-based products, some of which have been shown to have fillers in them like cellulous, which is nothing more than finely ground sawdust, then do so.

  But don’t keep putting down those of us who choose the old-fashioned foods that we all grew up with and still consume.

Bill Kauffman

Lake Forest Estates

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