Letter to the Editor — There is a lot going that our Founders would never like to see

There is a lot going on in America that our Founders would never like to see. Like the attitude of a man sitting in the White House who only has his own wants in mind. A self-serving man who has claimed to be the only one who could fix America problems. The one who only hires the best then has to discard them, demonizing them when they don’t deliver. A man who has told the world he takes the word of Vladimir Putin over his own national security agencies. A man who played down the COVID virus as a liberal hoax, and told people that if they digest bleach and other poisonous substances to cure it.

But did our Founders envision a Congress that would support, or dare I say be accomplices to the behavior of such a man who has sat in the oval office? We live in the 21st century America. And our Founders had higher expectations from their posterity.

And we should give it to them. I say we should give those who will celebrate 300 years of freedom and justice a really good chance of an American birthday present.

No one man is worth America becoming like the Middle East. We’ve already seen that news footage. Remember?

Glenn Ausmus