Letter to the Editor – Vote for Denney

Vote for Denney

Another season of devastating fires in California … each year gets worse. We all suffer as we wait for the federal government to take action on climate change. If they don’t pass legislation soon, we will slide sideways from a pandemic crisis to a climate crisis. More and more Americans believe this new reality.

Still, we have elected officials who doubt climate change is human-caused. Some believe it is the work of the Almighty and therefore cannot be changed, mitigated or in any way altered. I refer to representative (Doug) LaMalfa, the man who watched Paradise burn, saw his constituents die horrific deaths and has yet to support any legislation tackling climate change.

LaMalfa doesn’t care about us … only his own indoctrinated beliefs. To all CA-01 voters:  please vote for Audrey Denney this fall. She’s intelligent, passionate, with impeccable moral standards. She’ll fight for legislation to mitigate climate change. She won’t let us down.

Robbin Anderson

Portola, California