Letter to the Editor – We deserve better

With representative LaMalfa running the show, California District 1 is losing the battle on fire suppression. This is the man who watched the town of Paradise burn to the ground in November 2018, and has yet to do much, if anything, to clean our forests, thereby reducing fire risk. This summer, less than two years since Paradise, we are now again consumed by fire, resulting in loss of life and homes, along with some of the worst air pollution in the world. Nor has LaMalfa made any attempt to accept the reality of climate change which is making these fires even worse.

What is very concerning is a 2020 survey that showed 70 percent of LaMalfa’s constituents believe in global warming. This is evidence of an outrageous disconnect with voters. After all, what is the job of a U.S. Representative, if not to represent?

We deserve better and that’s why I’m voting for Audrey Denney. Audrey is committed to working for all of us, whereas LaMalfa has failed miserably.

Robbin Anderson

Portola, California