Letter to the Editor – We know the truth; we’ve experienced the chaos

We know the truth; we’ve experienced the chaos

Nearly four years of lies, exaggerations, hypocrisy and an undermining of democracy. We have a president who is only interested in dividing us, expanding his personal wealth and engaging in corruption.

We have heard and seen the warnings: Death, financial inequity and fanning the flames of racism. We cannot tolerate four more years of a president who lies, repeats misinformation and conspiracies, ignores and denies science, and who befriends our authoritarian enemies. And we can no longer tolerate followers like Doug LaMalfa who is not representing the people of this district but instead rubber stamping everything coming from the Trump administration.

The truth is we must vote! For the sake of democracy vote for change both nationally and locally. Vote early and make sure others vote. If you have not voted before, this is the time to stand up and make your voice heard. Please don’t sit this one out.

Vote Biden/Harris, and locally vote Audrey Denney to represent our California District 1 in Congress, Elizabeth Betancourt for state assembly and Pamela Swartz for state senate.

Karen Zeigler

Mt. Shasta, California