LHS Boys Golf Schedule

Noon Wednesday, March 9
LHS v. Oroville

Noon Wednesday, March 16
LHS vs. Fall River and Modoc

Noon Thursday, March 17
LHS vs. Loyalton

Noon Tuesday, March 22
LHS at Fall River

Noon Thursday, March 24
LHS at West Valley

Noon Tuesday, March 29
LHS vs. Mt. Shasta, Weed and Modoc

Wednesday, March 30
LHS at Loyalton

Thursday, March 31
LHS at Anderson

Monday, April 4
LHS at Weed

Tuesday, April 5
LHS at LP Invitational

Tuesday, April 19
LHS at UPrep

Thursday April 21
LHS at Diamond Mountain Golf Course

Thursday, April 26
LHS vs. Oroville

Thursday, April 28
LHS at Central Valley

Thursday, May 5
LHS at West Valley

Playoff dates
May 9-10
NSCIF Semi-Finals

May 16-17
NSCIF Finals