Grizzly defensive player Jacob Memmott tackles this Corning ball carrier while Tucker St. Andre keeps a strong grip on the Corning players left leg. Photo by Ashley Grogan

LHS football hosts final league game

Chandler Monahan resists a Central Valley tackle during the third quarter of the final league game. Photo by Ashley Grogan

On Friday, Nov. 3, the Lassen High Grizzlies ended league play with a bang as their home game against the Central Valley Falcons ended in the purple and gold favor 37-7.

The Grizzlies went into the game eager to advance on their 1-3 league record, and with their teamwork and dedication, they did just that. The Grizzlies currently hold a 2-3 record for league and a 4-5 record overall.

Prior to the first kickoff, Lassen took the time to honor the 15 senior players on the field. Seniors included Nicholas Molina, Derek Anderson, Caleb Clements, Richie Camarena, Kaleb Martinez, Xyler Elias, Steven Cagle, Tyler Lewis, Seth McCart, Garrett Battey, Dyllan Bond, Keith McDaniel, Isaac Yderraga, Jeremiah Chaffee and Cameron Ingwerson.

Each of the senior players stood with their families and received cheers from viewers as personal stories and notes were read aloud about the individual players.

Once senior recognition was complete, the Grizzlies and Falcons took their places on the field for the Central Valley kickoff.

Lassen immediately got the jump on the Falcons as senior player Cagle effortlessly scored the first touchdown of the evening via 30-yard rush. A good PAT kick by Anthony Wagner gave Lassen the 7-0 lead, and the field was reset.

Zayne Slater holds the ball steady while Anthony Wagner winds up for the point after touchdown. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Though the Falcons attempted to blame the first touchdown on the cooler temperatures and the constant drizzle of rain, their luck after Lassen’s kickoff didn’t seem to improve in the slightest.

With 8:32 on the clock, Chandler Monahan scored a rushing touchdown after receiving a pass from Hayden Chittock.

Upon bracing for the PAT, two fouls were called on the Falcons. After resetting the line of scrimmage a third time, Wagner again kicked the ball for an up and good PAT.

Another Grizzly kickoff put the game back in motion with more than eight minutes remaining of the first half. This time, however, the ball was caught by a Falcon, who then attempted to gain some yards for the visiting team.

Unfortunately for the Central Valley ball carrier, Dallin Lee was eager for action. A strong tackle by Lee sent the player and the ball plummeting to the ground on the Falcon 35-yard line.

Four unsuccessful downs for the Falcons resulted in a turnover for the Grizzlies, and with ball underarm, Monahan rushed nine yards on the return with 3:57 on the clock.

An additional 15 yards were then gained by Lee, earning the Grizzlies another first down with 3:49 on the clock.

The Grizzlies continued to inch their wary toward the Falcon end zone with a reception by Monahan from Chittock. Then, with another good Grizzly pass, Clements received the ball for Lassen’s third touchdown with one minute on the clock.

A good PAT brought the score to 21-0, Lassen, where it remained until the second quarter.

In quarter two, the Falcons started out with the ball, but with three failed downs, they went for a punt. Chittock caught the punt and immediately gained 20 yards for the Grizzlies.

Steven Cagle aims to take down this Falcon during the home game. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Upon the next snap, Lassen earned their fourth touchdown of the game with a good PAT to follow.

The Grizzlies kicked off yet again to the Falcons, to which a Central Valley caught the ball and attempted to gain yards. Wagner scoffed at the attempt quickly dove for the Falcon to keep the line of scrimmage on Falcon territory.

Though the Falcons managed to earn another first down after gaining 11 yards on the carry, Monahan protected the Grizzly territory with all his might. The incoming Falcon seemed drawn to Monahan as the Grizzly hardly had to move in order to tackle the Central Valley player with less than seven minutes on the clock.

Jacob Memmott was next to give the Grizzly fans a reason to hoot and holler as he sacked the Falcon quarterback with 5:11 on the clock.

As a last-ditch effort, the Falcons punted the ball before turning over possession to the Grizzlies, but a catch by Monahan put the ball in motion yet again with 23 seconds on the clock.

Finn Osborn granted another first down for the Grizzlies in the Falcon red zone with 16 seconds on the board. A pass to Monahan would have granted another touchdown, but it was ruled incomplete.

Thus, in the final 10 seconds of the half, Lassen attempted an scored a field goal to bring their score to 31-0 at the buzzer.

During the halftime break, Lassen’s drill team and cheer squad performed for the many adoring fans in the stands.

The Grizzliettes performed a dance full of their famous kicks, jumps and splits.

As for the cheerleaders, they vouched for a more sentimental performance that focused on their two senior members who were thankful for the memories and struggled with the goodbye.

After the performances, the drill team and cheer squad honored their seniors on the track. Each young lady was given flowers and posed with members of their families.

The three drill team seniors included Kaylee McGuire, Madisen Wallace and Jade Young. The two cheer seniors included Kassie Sandborg and Shelbi Raymond.

The Grizzlies were back on the field, ready for their kickoff to the Falcons. The Falcons, on the other hands, still didn’t seem quite prepared.

The ball stayed in Falcon possession for the span of one minute before it was granted back to the Grizzlies.

Though it didn’t last long in Grizzly paws, the Falcons didn’t take the quick turnover as a sign of good fortune. Monahan caught a punt by Central Valley at 9:02, and after one Grizzly snap, Tucker St. Andre rushed 18 yards to enter Falcon territory yet again.

Hayden Chittock prepares to pass the ball downfield during the Friday, Oct. 27 game against Corning. Photo by Ashley Grogan

With 7:32 on the clock, Clements scored a 22-yard rushing touchdown to bring the Grizzlies to a 37-0 lead. Without a good PAT to follow, the score stayed as such.

Martinez was the active Grizzly on the field who tackled a Central Valley Falcon after receiving a pass, and with an injury on the field, the game was put on hold.

After the injured Falcon was cleared, the game continued, but the score did not advance. By the end of quarter three, a 37-0 Grizzly score still shone brightly on the board.

In the fourth quarter, the Grizzlies were getting chilly from the rain and were ready to call it a night. The Falcons insisted to continue the fight, though, so the Grizzlies obliged.

The Falcons thanked their lucky stars with 8:18 on the clock as they scored their first and only touchdown of the game. They followed with a good PAT and brought the score to 37-7, Lassen.

Elias caught the kickoff and gained 30 yards for the Grizzlies with 6:18 remaining of the game, but the score stayed 37-7.

With less than a minute on the clock, Osborn intercepted a Falcon pass while on the Grizzly 35-yard line, and thus turned over possession to Lassen.

Chants of “Warm up the bus” could be heard from the Grizzly stands, and after a glance at the score, the Falcons agreed.

Central Valley called it quits with more than 30 seconds on the clock. The game was a huge win for Lassen with a final score of 37-7.