LHS grads celebrated with confetti, cheers

More than 170 students graduated from Lassen High School Friday, June 7.

The Lassen High School Class of 2019 has so much to be proud of, they were reminded during the Friday, June 7 graduation ceremony.

From being part of nationally winning teams to a program changing the campus for the better, the more than 170 graduates are off on the next adventures of their lives, either continuing their educational, serving the country or entering the work force.

“Whatever choice you make, make it yours,” Superintendent/ Principal Bill McCabe said to the graduates.

Making a grand entrance, the graduates, donning their purple gowns and decorated purple caps were surrounded by the massive numbers of family and friends cheering them on as they concluded the high school chapter of their lives — they even heard some words of wisdom from their peers and a nominated speaker, teacher Jon Westfall.

“Welcome to the first day of the rest of our lives,” Senior Class President Jacob Memmott said.

This class made it through all the trends, he said, from fanny packs to rolled pants and even some dance crazes like the Whip, but overcoming it all — even the challenges hurdled at the students, have made them better because of it.

ASB President Ryann Brown took the opportunity to thank everyone who helped the student get to this point, and wished all the best in the next chapter of their lives.

A new tradition, the first We Are Lassen Student of the Year recipient, Isabella Geoia, addressed the crowd.

She thanked all those who helped the students on their four-year high school journey and those who assisted in making the We Are Lassen program a success.

“And to you, my fellow classmates, I hope for us the following things: I hope that we do not fear the future, but welcome it with open arms … I hope that that through all of our endeavors, we stay noble … I hope that we will have the courage to be fearlessly authentic, because there is only one you,” she said in her speech. “I know that we, the Class of 2019, will conquer the world because we are welcoming, we are excellent, we are respectful, we are loyal, we are authentic, we are successful, we are engaged and we are strong — we are Lassen.”

Salutatorian Jordanna Jones started off quoting John Wayne: “’What is the secret of success? Right decisions. How do you make right decisions? Experience. How do you get experience? Wrong decisions.’ And I have to say, our class has a lot of experience,” Jones said.

She thanked the many who aided her on her journey and reminded her peers this night was for them.

Valedictorian Ryan Elison also started with a speech, quoting Nikki Sixx, of Motley Crue: “Fight for what you deserve in this life, and don’t let people tear you down. Always surround yourself with people striving to be better and remember this: What other people think of you is none of your business. Seize the moment.”

The quote aptly reflects this class, he said, noting they always go above and beyond.

He thanked his classmates for the support, teachers for wisdom and his mom for all she’s done for him.

“I know we’re going to do big things,” he said to his fellow graduates. “And remember, if Nikki Sixx can make it through 1987, we can make it through adulthood.”

This year’s keynote speaker, Jon Westfall, also shared some wisdom to the graduates closing this chapter of their lives.

“Live your life for something greater than yourself,” Westfall said, telling the students the most important thing is not what they’ll do, but why they do it.

He encouraged them to understand what success truly is, and to surround themselves with people who love them.

“If you live your life for something greater than yourself, happiness will sneak up on you. You’ll be so focused on investing your life into others, you’ll wake up one day and say, ‘wow, I am truly blessed and I love my life,’” he said. “Make it your goal to find something to live for greater than self satisfaction, because if you truly want joy, purpose, happiness and satisfaction in life, you have to give it up and strive to bring it into the lives of others. Only then will you experience a full and satisfy life.”

As the tassels were turned and the confetti cannon exploded, the Lassen High School Class of 2019 ended their time at the familiar campus — but those in attendance were quick to shower the graduates with love and support.

Family and friends sprayed loved ones with silly string and countless selfies were snapped – it was a celebration fitting to the LHS Cass of 2019.