LHS implements temporary modified schedule due to COVID

Lassen High School is moving to a temporary A/B schedule as community cases continue to rise.

“The decision to go ahead and go to an A/B schedule was done for one purpose: That was the situation that we did not have enough staff to continue to have our kids in school. We’re seeing a rapid spread that’s going through the school,” said Superintendent/ Principal Morgan Nugent in a Friday video.

Nugent said today it looked like more than 50 students and 11 staff members have gotten COVID. There is also a limited number of substitute teachers affecting the number of staff available.

The rotating schedule will have Group A attending in-person from Sept. 13 through Sept. 17, and Group B will be in person Sept. 20 through Sept. 23. While not on campus, the other group will be home for distance learning.

Students who receive special education and ELL services may attend every day during both weeks. Students who do not have internet at home may attend and log into class in the library when it’s their week for distance learning.

Students at Community Day School and Credence High School will return to their regular schedule on Sept. 13, and students attending Lassen Virtual Academy will continue to meet with teachers as scheduled.

“We’ll do what we can to get it under control and be back to normal here shortly,” Nugent added.