Lassen High School students and staff take the morning to create their own art pieces on the wall by the 700 building Thursday, Oct. 1. Photos submitted

LHS students decorate campus, show artistic skills

Taking the time to express their artistic side and temporarily decorate campus, Lassen High School students, and a staff member, brought their creative ideas to life during the Chalk Pastel Art Day.

During the first four periods of Thursday, Oct. 1, 22 LHS students and a staff member designed and created a unique chalk creation on the cement wall near the 700 building.

This art project takes place two times a year, said art teacher Anjanelle Weiher, and is open to anyone on campus, not just art students.

The location of the wall is a perfect place to put art, she added.

The creative opportunities are limitless and participants just have to have their pieces approved prior to the art day. From favorite characters, flowers, animals to beautiful scenes, the wall is host to an array of creations.

Freshman Callie Baldwin decided to participate because of her love for art, and chose to draw a jellyfish — her favorite animal.

Others enjoy crafting art surrounded by friends and fellow creators.

“I love art and it’s fun getting to spend time with friends and see how other people draw,” said Junior Nevin Palmer.