Kelli Walsh, back left, Paige Martin, Ellie Stewart, Jamie Larson, Brittney Patton, Lindsey Canadas, front left, Allyza Andrade, Jordanna Jones, Ryann Brown and Chelsea Williams are eager to dominate on the court as the Lassen High School varsity volleyball team for the 2018 season. Photo by Ashley Grogan

LHS varsity volleyball eager to dominate

The Lassen High School varsity volleyball team has announced its roster and some of the plans for the 2018 season.

With a total of 10 hard-working ladies making up the Grizzly side of the court, Lassen is hoping to end this season with a winning percentage of .500 or better, said head coach Jessica Larson.

Of the 10 Lady Grizzlies on the court, seven are returning to the varsity roster: seniors Jordanna Jones, No. 01, Allyza Andrade, No. 10, Paige Martin, No. 11, Brittney Patton, No. 23, Ellie Stewart, No. 30, Jamie Larson, No. 32, and junior Kelli Walsh, No. 15.

Senior player Ryann Brown, No. 21, junior Chelsea Williams, No. 12 and junior Lindsey Canadas, No. 22 are new to the varsity court, but will no doubt prove to be valuable assets to the team regardless.

In addition to the three new players, the varsity team is being trained by new coaches Jessica Larson and Carrie Satica.

Both Jessica Larson and Satica have experience coaching volleyball at a variety of experience levels; Jessica Larson actually coached the Lady Grizzlies varsity volleyball team for seven years when she was first employed at Lassen High School.

After a 12-year hiatus with volleyball, Jessica Larson is determined to make this season one of the best Lassen has seen by focusing on teamwork.

“It’s about the team rather than just one girl who is a rock star on the court,” said Jessica Larson.

In fact, the focus on teamwork has already taken hold of the girls, which is a phenomenal way to start the season.

Jessica Larson commented, “Already they are all there for one another. Their camaraderie is at a high level already, which is unusual this early in the season. I think they will work well together.”

In addition to teamwork, the varsity coach explained the importance of working through a slump in momentum on the court.

“We need to focus on rising to a full schedule and learning how to work through a momentum lag. I want us to work on changing the game momentum to favor our side. Without good momentum the game can just slip through your fingers,” said Jessica Larson. “The mental part of volleyball is really huge.”

In order to succeed in changing the flow of momentum on the court, the varsity girls will be focusing most on bumping when acting offensively and passing to the setter while playing defensively.

In addition to playing together during open gym times throughout the summer, the varsity team was also given the opportunity to bond with one another at Ducks Camp at the University of Oregon between July 6 and July 8.

While at camp, the girls focused on drills, skills and the different strengths and weaknesses of their team thus far.

The varsity Lady Grizzlies will be competing in their first match of the season today, Tuesday, Aug. 21 at Willows High School.

The first league game will be held Sept. 18 at Yreka.

The first home game will be held Sept. 25 against Central Valley.

“We’d love for the community to come out and support volleyball this year,” said Jessica Larson.