Library of Congress asks permission to archive Lassen News

Yesterday, the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. asked for our permission to archive our website, and we agreed.

According to their offer, “The United States Library of Congress has selected your website for inclusion in the United States News Web Archive, which is part of a larger collection of historically and culturally significant websites that have been designated for preservation … The Library hopes that you share its vision of preserving digital content and making it available to current and future generations of researchers. As the internet has become an increasingly important and influential part of our lives, we believe the historical record would be incomplete if websites like yours are not preserved and made a part of it. We also believe that expanding access to the Library’s collections is one of the best ways we can increase opportunities for education and scholarship around the world.”

According to the Library of Congress, “The Library of Congress Web Archive manages, preserves, and provides access to archived web content selected by subject experts from across the Library, so that it will be available for researchers today and in the future …

“This site provides general information about program activities, information for researchers who are interested in using the web archives, and information for site owners who might be included in the archives. The Library of Congress web archives are organized in thematic and event-based collections, and contain websites documenting a variety of U.S. and international organizations representing a broad range of subjects and topic areas. Examples include select U.S. government sites from the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branch agencies; select foreign government sites; campaign websites and political parties documenting U.S. and select foreign elections; non-profit organizations; journalism and news; creative sites such as those documenting comics, music, authors, and art; legal sites; and international organizations. While most web archives are collected as a part of one or more event or thematic archives, the Library also preserves other sites within its general web archives.

Sam Williams, Lassen News’ publisher, said, “We are flattered and honored the Library of Congress thought our website worthy of inclusion in its collection.”