Susanville Symphony maestro Benjamin Wade leads the young readers through the library and its property in a drum parade. Photo by Jake Hibbitts

Library summer reading program a succees

The Lassen County Library closed its fifth of five summer reading programs by hosting an awards ceremony at the library on July 31. Around 20 children attended the successful event from pre-k to 11 years of age, plenty of proud parents and plenty of helpful staff.

Each of the library’s five events were host to themes centered around “It’s Showtime at Your Library.” This program centered on the movie, “The Incredibles.” Past events during the summer centered on movies like “Harry Potter” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

There were lots of prizes available for the studious summer participants, including books, bubbles, bears and frisbees.

The program’s participants started out their ceremony with some arts and crafts. In the library’s front room, students and parents were putting together masks, noise-makers, shakers, owls and the like.

Quickly after, the participants shuffled to the main room, where the excitement could barely be contained and neither could their imaginations.

There was also an appearance from Susanville Symphony maestro Benjamin Wade and his son, Avvan. The two led the participants in a parade of drums throughout the library and around the property, snaking into the library’s corners; starting one way and popping up in another part completely.

The awards ceremony showcased the many books read by participants of the program.

For the pre-kindergarten group, Aubrey Johnson came in first place with a total of 78 books read. Tied for second place in the same category was Bailey King and Autumn King, who read 73 books each.

The first place for ages 5 to 7 years old, was Bethany Johnson with 83 books read. In the age range of 8 to 11 years old, Mia Hansen came in first place with around 50 books read.

The library’s director, Heather Blevins was present at the event and shared with the newspaper that they wanted kids reading over the summer. Blevins also said, “We want to get everybody hooked on reading. Keep them reading for the rest of their lives.”