Life Tribute – Dan Williams

Dan Williams

Dan Williams was born May 4, 1940. He died Friday, Sept. 3 in Wildomar, California. Dan was the nephew of baseball great Ted Williams, and he loved telling people about his famous uncle.

Dan’s parents divorced when Dan was 2 years old. He knew that his dad had remarried and that he had two younger brothers somewhere, but he didn’t know how to find them.

In 2003 at a Ted Williams family reunion event in San Diego, he met his brother Ted for the first time. He met his brother Sam a while later.

Even though the three brothers did not grow up together, they found they had a lot in common and even chose similar careers.

Dan loved R&B music and his favorite artists were Richard Berry, the Robins, Arthur Lee Maye, Big Jay McNeely, Marvin Phillips Harvey Fuqua, and many others.

Dan and his wife Janet were members of the Doo Wop Society of Southern California and went to their first show in 1989. Dan was so happy to be able to meet in person the musical artists he listened to on the radio as a teenager.

At a DWS show in 2005, he and Janet discovered a more recent vocal group, Kulayd and have been following them ever since. Dan was Kulayd’s best promoter. He would go around to people at their shows and tell them, “You’re going to love this show. These guys are great”.

Dan was a printer and graphic designer for 30 years. He was drafted into the Army and served from 1965 to 1967.

Dan and Janet met at a church event in Hollywood in 1968. They both arrived an hour early for the event and started talking and found out they both grew up in San Diego and had gone to the same eye doctor and dentist. They married in 1971.

Dan was the most kind, gentle and caring person you’ll ever meet.

Dan is survived by his wife Janet, his sister Julie Aboud (Chandler, Arizona) and his brother Sam Williams, of Susanville, California.