Life Tribute – Leo Clifford March

Leo Clifford March

   Leo Clifford March, Nov. 15, 1927 – April 17, 2020.

At age 15, Leo was ready to join the fighting in World War II, but it required permission that he couldn’t get. He eventually enlisted and fought along with the rest of The Greatest Generation.

He attended UC Berkeley on the GI Bill. He entered the California Department of Corrections as a guard at San Quentin in 1959 and retired at an associate superintendent in 1990. In his 30 years at the CDC, Leo helped facilitate reform of the prison system in California alongside many politicians and activists of the era, determined to rehabilitate rather than merely punish.

Leo was also an avid gardener and athlete. He ran his first marathon at age 50, and was in the gym and on the golf course till the very end.

He is survived by four daughters, two step-daughters, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He joins two of his grandchildren in the afterlife, Shane Michael Roper and Zachary David March. We are certain they are reunited in love.

He will be remembered for his zest for living and his many incredible stories of his amazing life.