Life Tribute – Scott David Simpson

Scott David Simpson

          Scott David Simpson was born Dec. 19, 1959, in Susanville, California, the youngest of five children. His parents, Paul, born in China to missionary parents, and Joann Simpson, born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, met in Oakdale, California, in high school and married there in 1951, where the first four children were born.

Around 1958, they moved their family to Susanville, when his father, who worked for the California Department of Water Resources was transferred. There, Paul fell in love with the arid desert and plentiful lakes and streams and clear blue skies and because a self-employed licensed land surveyor and registered civil engineer. Scott was born in Riverside Hospital and brought home to live for 11 years at 1212 Fifth Street.

All five children attended McKinley School and Scott began his relationships with the many, many friends who are here today. Tragedy struck the family when sister, Rachelle Gwen Simpson, was killed in an automobile accident April 13, 1969. The fractured family moved, establishing the Diamond S Ranch on Johnstonville Road. Shortly after Shelley’s death, oldest sister, Rhonda Jo, married Vernon Templeton, and blessed the family with four children, Shelley, Casey, Alison and Matthew Johnson, who are all still with us today.

Scott was a happy boy, preferring outdoor activities to school, especially riding his purple stingray bicycle, sledding at Hoolies Hill, ice staking at Trussels Pond, camping with the family, playing Little League and later, riding his horse, Rebel, and eventually, his beloved dirt bikes and street bike motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars, and pick-up trucks. Faster, faster, faster.

Tragedy struck the family again Dec. 30, 1977, when beloved brother Paul Warren “Beaver” Simpson was killed in an automobile accident. Scott would never recover from the crippling loss.   He graduated from Lassen High School in June 1978, and worked for his father in the surveying business, at the lumber mill, and surveyed for the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada by helicopter. Around 1986, he moved to Marin County, reconnecting with friends from school and cousin Bruce Fifer. There he worked for a landscaping firm and learned many elements of the building trades such a framing, sheetrock, texturing, and carpentry, becoming a member of Carpenters Local #35 in Marin County.

He snow skied, played on the water, hunted and fished; an avid fan of all sports. Through all his activities, he steadfastly nurtured his long-standing friendships, making new friends throughout his life. He was a very good friend to many, connecting easily with kids and the elderly. He always found time to stop by and visit or faithfully attend a youngster’s sporting event.

Sept. 3, 1995, father Paul Simpson died suddenly and Scott’s mother asked him to move in with her, now living at Lake Almanor West, in Chester, California. Scott did so immediately, where he gave his mother the next 20 years of his life, caring for her with daily love and companionship on the beautiful shore of Goose Bay. Scott made many new friends in the Chester area, worked in the construction trade, eventually becoming a licensed California general building contractor, working many years with Delucchi Construction.

Scott and mom raised many litters of German wired-haired pointer dogs, his last dog, Ft. Sage, is with us today. Mother Joann passed away July 28. 2015.

Scott bought his much-loved cabin-style home in Pine Town, continuing his work, fixing up his yard and house, and of course, his many friendships, never missing an opportunity to hunt, dirt bike ride, attend a parade, birthday, wedding or unfortunately, many funerals.

Scott passed away suddenly Saturday, Dec. 12, 2020, in the comfort of his home.

He is survived by his sisters Rhonda Templeton and Rebecca “Becky” Guess, both of Susanville. Also, his nieces and nephew by Rhonda, mentioned above. And Becky’s boys, Jeffrey-Scott Warren Guess, John-Michael Denver Guess, and James-Paul Jordan Guess. It would be remiss not to acknowledge the close, loving relationship he held with Warren and Jordan, even to the end.

Scott lived a wildly-free, rich and full life, always accompanied by fantastically loud music and great friends. Often extreme, never boring, he will be greatly missed by many, many wonderful people whose lives he touched and who loved him.

A Memorial Service will be held at noon Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020 at Walton’s Colonial Mortuary.  Flowers may be sent or donations to the National Rifle Association or Lassen County Animal Shelter.