Little new information released today on migrant workers who tested positive for COVID-19 in Lassen County

There is little new information available regarding the COVID-19 positive farm workers recently hired in Mexico by Sierra Cascade Nursery and reportedly currently under quarantine at the Lassen County Fairgrounds.

Earlier this week when the news broke about the farm workers who tested positive, Susan Felt, human resources manager at SCN, said she would ask the nursery’s CEO to respond to questions from The CEO has not yet responded. Felt also did not return lassennews’ Friday morning call.

But Richard Egan, Lassen County administrative officer and public information officer for, the county’s COVID-19 reporting agency, said, “They tested them when they got here — and they also tested them before they got here, by the way. There’s a resting schedule, and I believe that’s going to occur next week. They’re going to retest everybody.”

Egan said he didn’t know exactly how many of the farm workers in have been infected, but he said he would find out.

Some in the community estimate the number of infected farm workers is in the mid teens or the mid 20s.

“I can try and get you the exact number, but it will change as test results come back,” Egan said. “I’ll try to get a good number for you.”