Emergency power expected to remain through the night

UPDATE 8:10 p.m.: “PG&E has been working with LMUD’s operations department regarding our current power situation. In a collaborative effort, PG&E has re-evaluated their power supply, and has determined that LMUD will remain on emergency power throughout tonight. Our operations department will continue to rotate power throughout our system. Barring any catastrophic event, customers can expect intermittent power as supply and load allows. Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding in this difficult situation. We also thank PG&E for their support and willingness to work with us so that we may provide power to our community.”

Lassen Municipal Utility District announced, due to imminent infrastructure failure from PG&E due to the Dixie Fire, customers should prepare for the possibility to be without power for several days.

“PG&E has informed our operations center that due to the Dixie Fire; their infrastructure is facing imminent failure by 7 p.m. tonight. This means that LMUD will lose our emergency power, leaving the entire system dark. There is no estimate for how long this situation will last, or when power will be restored to our system. Honey Lake Power continues to work on repairing their plant. There is no estimate on when, or if repairs can be made. At this time, we are advising customers to prepare to be without power for several days if not longer,” wrote LMUD.