LMUD announces outage management tools

As part of LMUD’s new outage management system, customers will now have access to a web-based, interactive outage map and automated outage reporting. Outages can be reported after hours via our automated system, which offers customers an easy way to report an outage and an option to be notified when the power is restored.

The outage map, which can be viewed on our web site, lmud.org and clicking on the “Outage Center,” will show any active outages, regardless of the size.

As the year progresses, LMUD will be rolling out additional outage management features, including targeted text alerts. The current outage text alert system will still alert customers to major outages. You can sign-up for alerts by texting the letters LMUD to the toll-free number (877) 754-7697.

For more information on the outage map or automated outage reporting, call Theresa Phillips, LMUD’s public relations manager at 257-4174.