LMUD announces property purchase and electric vehicle charging station grant

The Lassen Municipal Utility District’s Board of Directors ratified the purchase agreement for the property located at 50 North Gay Street, previously known as the Bank of America building.

LMUD intends to occupy the property after it has been renovated to bring it to current building standards. The building, which is significantly larger than LMUD’s current office, will allow for increased services to LMUD’s customers – future plans include, drive-up service, 24-hour payment kiosks and enhanced customer programs. At this point, LMUD has not identified a specific date when it will occupy the building, however, it is believed the modernization of the building will take up to two years.

“As part of LMUD’s long-term plans, and in line with our commitment to the community we serve, this purchase will ensure that LMUD continues to grow and meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, including installing publicly accessible, electric vehicle charging stations,”  said Pat Holley, LMUD’s general manager. “We are pleased to be part of the community’s efforts to revitalize Uptown Susanville and create a public space that will go beyond the basic services that LMUD currently provides.”

The electric vehicle charging stations will be funded by a grant from the California Energy Commission. During the June 28 board meeting, LMUD’s Business Manager, Nick Dominguez, announced that LMUD had received notice that the district’s application to the CEC’s, Clean Transportation Program, “Rural Electric Vehicle” Charging grant had received notice of proposed funding in the amount of $500,348.

According to Dominguez, “The award of this grant represents LMUD’s investment in EV charging technology. The publicly accessible fast-chargers will also promote tourism and economic development in the Historic Uptown Susanville District.”

As these projects progress, LMUD will provide timeline and status updates to the community.