LMUD announces scholarship winners

At yesterday’s Tuesday, May 28, board meeting, Lassen Municipal Utility District Public Relations Manager Theresa Phillips recognized two Lassen County students who won this year’s scholarship essay contest.

Phillips said this is the 10th or 11th year the publicly owned utility district has awarded scholarships to outstanding local students.

“Every year we have so many great applicants, and I think this year we had more than 20, so we had to narrow it down to two,” Phillips said.

Taylor Mcelvany, left, receives a certificate from Robby Hamlin, the Lassen Municipal Utility District’s general manager.

Taylor Mcelvany
Mcelvany is in the top 20 in her class with a 4.1 grade-point average. She plans to attend Lassen Community College. Her essay was about following her mother’s example entitled, “Learning From The Best.”

Robby Hamlin, the Lassen Municipal Utility District’s general manager, right, presents a certificate to scholarship winner Natalia Hernandez.

Natalia Hernandez
Phillips said Natalia Hernandez was sixth in her class with a more than 4.0 GPA. The oldest child in her family, she lost her mother right after her baby sister was born.

Phillips said her father, who attended the meeting, “must be very proud of her. Not only did she step up to help raise her siblings, she excelled in school.”

Phillips said Hernandez said her proudest moment is that now her mother is smiling down at her. Hernandez plans to study biology at Chico State University.