LMUD board approves settlement with former general manager

During closed session at its Tuesday, April 27 meeting, the Lassen Municipal Utility District Board of Directors unanimously approved a settlement agreement with Doug Smith, the publicly owned utility district’s former general manager.

According to a statement from LMUD, “The substance of this settlement is as follows: Mr. Smith resigns from his position as general manager effective April 19, 2021, and waives claims against the district.

“I consideration of his voluntary resignation and waiver of claims, LMUD agrees to pay Mr. Smith the equivalent of three-months of his salary ($53,595.75, subject to applicable withholdings) and Mr. Smith will similarly be paid for his accrued vacation/sick leave, and Mr. Smith will retain vested medical/health care plan benefits.”

Lassen News contacted Smith, and he declined to comment on this matter.