LMUD says it’s ready for the storm

By now everyone in Susanville and Lassen County ought to know there’s a big storm coming, and the snow is already piling up in Westwood.

Theresa Phillips, public relations officer for the Lassen Municipal Utility District, said the publicly owned utility district is prepared for the storm.

“PG&E is out of our control,” Phillips said, “but we are standing by. If need be, we can island with Honey Lake Power. If it’s a local outage — wind and snow on our side — it’s all hands on deck, and the linemen will get to it as soon as possible.”

For more information, Phillips referred customers to the district’s website (the big outage center button) and the district’s Facebook page.

To enroll in LMUD’s outage text alerts, text the letters, LMUD, to (877) 754-7697.