Laurie Bliss R.N. enjoys a snowy afternoon of retirement life. Photo submitted

Local nurse retires after 38 years

A childhood dream of becoming a nurse led to a career spanning 38 years for registered nurse Laurie Bliss.

Bliss graduated with a bachelor’s of science in Nursing from Humboldt State University in 1980 launching her career as a registered nurse. More than 30 years of her career were devoted to caring for people in Lassen County.

Her areas of expertise included; medical surgical, obstetrics, labor and delivery and emergency room. She also worked as a school nurse, immunization nurse for Lassen County Public Health, prehospital liaison nurse with EMT’s and paramedics, and hospice volunteer.

Those who have had the privilege of interacting with Bliss tout her as a wonderful nurse, friend, mom and co-worker.

Co-workers describe her as always willing to help out and recall even being able to count on Bliss to work on her days off if necessary.

One nurse describes Bliss as attentive and nurturing and shared that her patients developed a great affection for her. Registered nurse Ally Burt recalls being on-duty with Bliss when an ambulance came in with a woman at 32 weeks of gestation who was eclamptic.

“The patient had a seizure in the ambulance and another shortly after arrival. I was so scared, especially since the patient had grown up in Janesville with my own children and were family friends. Laurie and I got right to work. I inserted a foley catheter while she administered a second I.V. and we began monitoring the baby. This was a life and death emergency and we worked in-sync to stabilize the mother’s condition.

“I was so grateful to have Laurie as my partner during the crisis and we were both relieved to learn mom and baby were just fine in the long run.”

A retirement party was held by Dr. Steven Braatz and wife Lori, to honor Bliss’s accomplishments. However, according to her husband Dan, “Laurie will never quite be a ‘retired nurse’ as being a nurse will be forever what she is.”

Bliss will be using her free time to pursue artistic endeavors including, acrylic, watercolor and pottery.