Local residents thank police department

Members of the public are speaking out to let the Susanville Police Department know just how thankful they are for the work they are doing.

During the public comment section of the Feb. 6 Susanville City Council meeting, local residents Patrick Holley and Gary Bridges took time out of their evening to thank the department.

Holley told police chief Kevin Jones and the council, “As a resident of our city, I am very appreciative and very proud of our officers, who have worked so hard for the safety of our community as they’ve been through so many challenges in the last few years.”

“Our dedicated officers have worked extremely long hours and put their lives on the line every day for the safety of our residents,” said Holley, “and they still make time to serve the community in so many ways that you see every day.”

Holley prompted the community to give special thanks to officers in light of the death and crimes against officers throughout the state and country.

“Our police department deserves to have every bit of community support, moral support and support with equipment and resources we can muster to help ensure that they come home to their families safely every day.” Holley followed by saying, “We, as citizens, can do no less than give our full support.”

Bridges, a resident who has lived in Susanville since 1950 spoke of his efforts to start the first neighborhood watch program in the city.

“First, I want to thank you for the choice you made for our (police) chief. I’ve known him since he was in grade school,” said Bridges, “I want to thank the chief for the action he’s taking in our community. I see a big plus already in our neighborhood watches.”

Bridges thanked the chief and his fellow officers for attending the quarterly citywide neighborhood watch meeting.

“That unity, and building the team, we can make a difference that this community needs,” said Bridges. “I was pretty unhappy for awhile when we had different administrators, who micromanaged everything in this community.”