Locals lend a hand to woman after fall

When an elderly woman took a tumble as she was putting her dog into the car, local residents came out in droves to ensure her well-being.

“There were so many people who stopped to help me. It was amazing,” said Barbara Munz, who stopped by the Lassen County Times office to ensure those who helped her would be recognized.

Around noon Wednesday, March 15, Munz was on Lassen Street taking her two dogs to the groomer. Just as she was putting one pup into the car, Munz fell, hitting her head and hurting her wrist. The fall resulted in a black and blue face and a sprained right wrist, but it was the support of those around her that made the event memorable to Munz.

“I just mainly wanted to thank the people who helped,” she said.

On a hand-written note, Munz listed the people she wished to thank:

“The man next to me who took care of my dogs, the man in the car next to me who stayed with me and lifted me up, the two gentleman firemen – very kind, the girl who handed me a note asking if I was OK, the lady from City Hall who stopped her car and gave me a wet cloth and ice pack , the many others who asked if they could help and last but not least, my friend and groomer, Susan, who called after noon and in the evening,” wrote Munz, thanking all of the good Samaritans and sending her love.

She wanted all those who helped her to know she was fine, and, with the encouragement of the firemen, took a visit to the emergency room to get checked out.

Her belief in the community was strengthened by the incident.

“You always hear everything negative, you don’t hear the good stuff,” said Munz. “There are people out there who are willing to help.”

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  • My husband and daughter were the people mentioned in this article. My husband was the man in the car and my daughter was the one who wrote her a note asking if she was okay. I am very happy that they were able to help and the lady who fell is okay.

  • There is a lot of amazing people out there and I’m happy to hear that the lady is okay I’m a susanville citizen love this small caring town

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