Long-time vendor questions Fair’s decision not to allow it to return

After 19 years of being a loyal vendor at the Lassen County Fair, I have been informed by the CEO that she is not going to allow me to return due to not getting along with staff or other vendors.

In regards to the other vendors, she would need to elaborate as I have no clue where that comes from. As for staff, yes, we had disagreements over the fact I was lied to in regards to if the new vendors duplicated my food or anyone’s food, they would be removed from the grounds.

After providing office staff with proof that the other vendors were duplicating products, they were not allowed to according to office staff — it fell on deaf ears, and nothing was done.

Also, at checkout time, when I pay the fair the percentage based on cash register sales, their numbers did not match my numbers, and they receive the cash register reports daily. A lady inside the office stated, “We do not make mistakes,” so I asked her to check the tapes to find the error and was told they didn’t know how to find the mistake.

I also told them their formula was incorrect and had not been incorrect in previous years and inquired as to why it had been altered. No answer or response was given. I have recently learned from a respected member of the community who was at a function involving the fair that the manager said Sierra Corn elected not to return, adding an additional lie to the puzzle.

Therefore, I would be interested in knowing if the board and elected officials even have an idea of what she has done. It is estimated I bring more than $10,000 to the local community each year during the fair. From purchasing fuel and food and supplies, hardware, vehicle repairs, trailer repairs, advertising with the local paper, local youth groups, church groups, school groups, Crossroads and countless other local community members who have benefited from my donations and payroll into the local economy all these years. Apparently, the staff and or board members feel like my contributions to the local economy are no longer needed.

Thank you to the countless members of the Susanville community who have supported me and yourselves with countless hours of dedication.

Richard Allen, Sierra Korn Enterprises