Make your voice be heard – register and vote

The Tuesday, Nov. 6 general election is right around the corner, and many pundits say this is the most important election in history. Of course, someone is bound to say that about nearly every election.

It shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to see or understand elections really do have consequences, and that’s why it’s so vitally important we all exercise our right and assume our responsibility to cast a ballot in each and every election to help steer the ship of state.

We should all recognize the political pendulum swings back and forth with the will of the people as they cast their ballots. If you fail to vote, you’re simply not part of that process.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not encouraging anyone to vote any particular way — Republican or Democrat or some other party of conservative or liberal. I am not endorsing any candidate or measure. Those are individual choices we all make, and I believe we all have the right to review the issues on the ballot, to weigh the strengths and weakness of the candidates and then make an informed decision in the voting booth.

So, I won’t presume to tell you how to vote. I don’t know if we’re looking at a red wave or a blue wave come Nov. 6 or if things will stay more or less the same. (Frankly, I can’t tell. I watch news from all sides, and the alternative universes they describe, so I hope your crystal ball is brighter than mine.) Those things will play out as they will without needing any kind of push from me. That’s not my intent.

But honestly from the bottom of my heart I do want to encourage you to be part of the process. Many things in life are beyond our control, but the truth is we do elect those who represent us in government, and some say we get the government we deserve. They’re probably right.

Voters in Lassen County will elect candidates to federal, state and local offices: Federal — U.S. Senator, member of the House of Representatives; State — governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, controller, attorney general, insurance commissioner, board of equalization, four judges and superintendent of public instruction; Local — Lassen Community College Board of Trustees, assessor, district attorney, Janesville Fire Protection District Board of Directors.

In addition, voters will approve or reject 11 state measures as well as Measure M, the local commercial cannabis business tax proposal.

We all have a stake in the result of this election. I encourage you to register to vote by the Oct. 22 deadline.