Bradford Jensen

Man in custody after hotel staff observe suspicious activity involving minors

With assistance from Diamond Mountain Casino and Hotel staff, law enforcement apprehended a man following some suspicious activity involving minors.

According to a statement from the Susanville Police Department, Bradford Jensen, 33, of Vallejo, California, was booked into the Lassen County Jail on three counts of communicating with a minor to commit sexual acts, three counts of annoying/molesting a minor and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He is being held on $30,000 bail.

In the early evening Tuesday,  April 2, local police officers were notified by Diamond Mountain Casino and Hotel staff of suspicious circumstances involving three girls at the property, who had followed Jensen into a hotel room after he checked in.

Upon arrival, officers found Jensen in a hotel room with three 16-year-old girls. Jensen was initially arrested for an alleged outstanding warrant and booked into the county jail.

However, as the investigation progressed, officers discovered Jensen had picked up the three juveniles on Main Street in Susanville earlier in the day by allegedly soliciting them with alcohol and drugs, according to the statement.

Jensen later brought the girls to the hotel and attempted to conceal their association of being with him as he rented the room.

Once there, according to the statement, Jensen allegedly provided the juveniles with drugs and solicited them for sexual acts.

The Susanville Police Department thanked Diamond Mountain Casino and Hotel staff for their awareness of the situation.

“If it were not for the attentiveness of the staff at the Diamond Mountain Casino, we would not have known about this event. Luckily their staff is constantly trained to recognize suspicious activity as this and report it,” read the statement. “We thank the entire staff at the Casino and SIR for their ongoing support and collaborative partnerships.”