Man up, Donny

I heard an idea that Trump needs one person on the jury who might say he is not guilty. What he is entitled to are 12 people on a jury who might say he is not guilty.

The idea that he just needs “one” vote to not convict is a lie of the worst kind. It is an insult to the idea of justice under the law. And it is a tricky way of poisoning the minds of everyone who listens to it. It is wrong, and therefore a lie.

One of the things Trump is on trial for are the lies and the results of those lies on this democracy and our society because it corrupts the individual to forget what this nation was founded to establish.

Personally, I say going on what I have heard and seen from his words and his actions, I can’t stand the guy. Not one bit. The best way to fight people like him is to not be like they are, accepting injustice because it serves me over everyone else.

What I want and expect for America is to have Trump tell his side of everything and not lie about it.

Man up, Donny. Show me your real worth.

James Ausmus, Leavitt Lake