Maramaldi, local MMA fighter, reflects on recent brawl

Richie Maramaldi sat down for a discussion of his fight at the High Desert Brawl that took placeAug. 25 and to discuss his background in the sport of MMA. Maramaldi fought a three round fight, winning by technical knock out, TKO, which brought Maramaldi’s fighting record to 1-1.

What brought Maramaldi’s attention to the sport of MMA was growing up with those around him in martial arts, saying his stepdad and brother were both boxers and his sister was in karate, which was a big inspiration.

Maramaldi found his forte in the martial arts of Muay Thai, after watching the foreign martial arts film, “Ong Bak.” Muay Thai is a martial art that focuses on using elbows, knees and fast combo striking.

Askedhow he felt after two weeks since the fight, Maramaldi described still dealing with a few aches and pains left over but good otherwise.

Maramaldi stated that weeks before the fight he had been working on some combos with his coach to help formulate a plan going into the fight. But when the bell rang, he said the excitement and adrenaline kicked in and his plan became fuzzy.

Talking about Maramaldi’s fight and how he prepared, he stated his cardio, and endurance were his struggles in his previous fight. Going into the High Desert Brawl, he focused on those aspects so he could go into the later stages of the fight with more stamina.

This showed in his fight on Aug. 28. Going into the final round of the bout, Maramaldi and his opponent were both exhausted, but the endurance training he had made the difference going into the third round.

Maramaldiis definitely one of his own worst critics, saying that even though he won on Aug. 28, he calls it a loss. He wanted to stick to the game plan when getting in the octagon.

Maramaldi said he would definitely continue training, and focusing on other aspects of his martial arts, including his wrestling and continuing to work on cardio and endurance.

With no upcoming scheduled fights, he still plans on continuing to train and improve.