Margie’s Book Nook hosts virtual Meet the Author Event

Margie’s Book Nook, located at 772 Main Street, is an independent bookseller, and with the COVID restrictions this year, they have faced challenges to survive.

Now the local bookseller is getting creative by partnering with a new publishing company in Buffalo, New York, as are a dozen other bookstores across the United States. They are hosting a monthly Virtual Meet the Author Event followed by a group discussion.

The first book to be discussed in the series, “Not Okay,” by Brett Axel, is now available for purchase. It was recently released and very well received by both critics and readers alike.

Author Brett Axel will discuss his book, “Not Okay” during the first Virtual Meet the Author Event held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9. Photos submitted

“When you buy the book at Margie’s Book Nook, you’ll get the card with the instructions for the Zoom meeting,” publisher Jeanne Vinal said.

The first month’s event is set for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9.

The author, Brett Axel, is a poet whose work has appeared in over 400 publications during the last three decades. This is his first full novel, 20 years in the making.

There are reviews from many critics, including Digital Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Thrive Global, Synchronized Chaos, Publisher’s Weekly, and California Herald, with opinions such as “‘Not Okay’ is a must-read for this season, and frankly is destined to be a classic,” which is a quote from California Herald on Nov. 2.

The format for the event will include questions for the author by readers and some questions by a four-person panel. Readers can text questions in messages or ask them. Then readers will have the option to participate in small group with people from Margie’s Book Nook or from around the country. Then all groups will join.

“Some readers love a dedicated book club with the same people each month. Some people don’t like that commitment but would like to discuss the book — especially a book like ‘Not Okay.’ Others would like to meet the author and not necessarily discuss the book. We are hoping all readers get involved, buy the book, and enjoy,” said David Teeter, owner of Margie’s Book Nook.

“Not Okay,” the first novel by poet Brett Axel, is available for sale at Margie’s Book Nook.

Readers can buy/order books online and come in to pick up or have them shipped to you.

The book lined up after “Not Okay” is “Princeton Diary” by Sparrow, a short fully non-traditional novel you can purchase now which will be the meet the author event on Jan. 13, the second Wednesday. His work had appeared in The Sun and The New Yorker.

Margie’s Book Nook and Vinal Publishing are hoping this unique event series will reengage customers, increase sales, rebuild community, decrease isolation and be both fun and mentally stimulating.

For more information, call David Teeter at 257-2392 or Jeanne Vinal from Vinal Publishing, Inc. at (716) 486-3320.

Margies Book Nook is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.